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Genomizer is a tool to automate the creation of links to external resources which are commonly used during genomic analysis. It simplifies the management of URLs and in silico application links by providing a single interface through which external links are created. The different types of information required for each website/database is processed by Genomizer, and the links are highlighted when the required fields are calculated. Genomizer also provides simple URL parameters so it can be easily linked from your system for any variant. It can handle both genomic and transcript based variants, though it is not guaranteed that the external website link will work, and there may be other ways of accessing variant information on the external websites. For some websites, only certain features or parameters are used, even though other ones may be available. For example, Human Splicing Finder has multiple analysis types, but genomizer only links to the mutation analysis method.

The Genomizer format URL is[CHR]&start=[START]&end=[END]&ref=[REF]&obs=[OBS]&gene=[GENE]&ref_seq=[REF_SEQ]&variant=[VARIANT]&protein_change=[PROTEIN]&redir=[WEBSITE]

All fields are optional, but different websites require different combinations of fields.

Note the redir option allows the external websites to be opened directly (without having to click on a link) by setting the [WEBSITE] parameter to one of these values: mutalyzer, ensembl_37, ucsc, omim_gene, omim_map, insight, lovd, clinvar, pdb